What happens when your laptops/desktops are not backed up?

As digital information continues to grow, it is becoming more difficult to manage.However, if information is not backed up, it can be lost or damaged at anytime and may not be recoverable, resulting in user downtime, lost revenue, or even long-term or permanent damage to reputation.

Over many years the increasing growth of data has been of significance to IT teams looking to access, manage and protect company information. That data now resides in a greater quantity of ever more disparate locations within or outside one geographical location.

With a laptop or desktop, you have one disk drive, and if that fails then the entire system fails. That is the first reason people should care about laptop data backup and desktop data backup.

Second, the data at the edge, which is laptop and desktop data, is the most recent data of a lot of companies that have the policy of not backing up laptop and desktop data as they just expect the employees to copy it up to a server on a regular basis. Those companies are unaware that typically this not going to happen — it might happen sometimes, or it might happen on a semi-regular basis, but not all the time.

  • Estimates suggest that global data will reach 7.9 Zetabytes in 2015, up from 1.2 Zetabytes in 2010. Furthermore the same estimates forecast that number will have increased to around 40 Zetabytes by 2020.
  • Today over 60% of that data is unstructured and therefore in many cases, unmanaged and potentially difficult to protect and restore.

Ever-increasing volumes of data across a wide range of platforms and applications impact recovery objectives.

From a business perspective, a hard drive failure can be financially devastating.  Many IT professionals believe that significant data loss could lead their company into bankruptcy.  Customer information, financial transactions, and sales data can take months to recover.  Entire companies have crumbled as a result of a single data loss event.  Immediately following a serious hardware failure, business may come to a halt while the repairs are made.

Traditional solutions are inefficient because they repeatedly backup everything duplicate files and sub- file data segments that exist across desktops, laptops, thus the quantity of duplicate data is astounding.

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