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Shared vs Dedicated Web Hosting

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Following table gives an insight on the Key differences between Shared and Dedicated hosting

Description Shared Web Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting
Sites Hosted on the Server There are other sites that are hosted on the server along with your website Your website is the only site hosted on the server
Bandwidth or Disk Space The amount of disk space and bandwidth allocated is limited because there are others sharing the server and attracts additional charges if the allocated space is surpassed. Bandwidth and disk space are dedicated, there is no sharing and hence no limitations on the amount of available space.
Required Technical Skills Not required as maintenance and security are managed by the shared hosting provider With a dedicated server, webmaster skills needed to set up, administer, and manage the server. However, fully managed dedicated hosting plans are available at an additional cost.
Security With shared hosting, the hosting company installs firewalls and server security applications and programs Securing a dedicated server will be the customer’s responsibility. Consequently, will let you control the security programs you install as you are the only one on the server there are less chances of acquiring viruses, malware and spyware. There is a higher risk with shared hosting because of others using the same server.
Blacklisting of Website In a shared server, there is more of a risk of being blacklisted by search engines because someone else on the server engaging in such practices as spamming may get the entire IP address blacklisted On a dedicated server, you will not get blacklisted unless you engage in unethical internet practices
Server Performance and Response Time On shared hosting, with other sharing the same resources, allot of traffic can be generated which could drain resources such as bandwidth which could lead to slow response time and slow loading time This does not happen on a dedicated server because you are not sharing resources.
Level of Control Level of Control in case of shared hosting is low. A dedicated server offers more control over the server as they can add their preferred programs, applications, and scripts. You will have improved flexibility and security which is very beneficial.
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