VolumeMail Knowledge Series: Stop losing Subscribers

We are back with our VolumeMail Knowledge series and the focus this time is on how to prevent opt outs and save Subscribers from opting out of our mailing lists.

We, at Logix Infosecurity send a lot of these marketing/volume  emails every  month to millions of users on behalf of our Enterprise customers through our cost effective, more reliable and guaranteed VolumeMail solution,which comprises of large business houses. Slowly and steadily, Organizations have realised the importance of reaching directly to the User’s Inbox rather than hovering around it in the Spam/ Junk folder or at times not reaching those as also by getting lost somewhere.

Needless to say, we track a lot of data for the constant betterment of our VolumeMail solution. So we scanned  millions of emails delivered by our VolumeMail solution (where campaign tracking was activated, and where users reported their industry) and calculated the average unique open rates, average unique click rates, average unique soft bounces, average unique hard bounces, and average unique abuse complaint rate by industry.

We found out that on an average 5% users opted out of the subscribed mailing list everytime a marketing/transactional email was sent. If we could stop this 5% users from opting out then we can reach the full database and thus increase our Return on Investment, consequently  increasing our profit margins.

We understand the kind of efforts our users put in creating great content to gently pull subscribers deeper into the sales funnel and then the unthinkable happens . The subscriber just decides to hit the unsubscribe option !!! So we found out few smart ways to reduce those opt-outs for you , here they are:

08.0515 missing out volumemailShow the user what they will be missing out, by Opting out

It helps to remind your customers in the mailing list, why they subscribed in the first place and win them back by sharing what they would probably miss out on.


2ndpointvolumemail08.05.15Allow subscribers to choose what they wish to receive

Our research suggests that , frequency and relevancy are the main reasons why people unsubscribe. The simplest way to retain is to ask just what your subscriber wants and expects from you.

 08.05.15 vmailIf they still choose to unsubscribe, don’t forget to ask why

Let go of the truly disinterested subscribers but not before taking a feedback. Learnings from unsubscribe reasons can be very valuable and you might just find some surprise findings there.


Logix sends volume mails to millions of Users and guarantees the delivery to the Inbox of the customer, for more information please feel free to write to us at sales@logix.in or you can visit http://www.logix.in/volume-mail-service/