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Volume Mail Service

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“Does your Organization engage with its Customers, Shareholders/Stakeholders by sending Newsletters, Annual General Reports, various Product/Brand promotion content, Notifications using Volume mails?”

“Do you want these mails to be delivered directly into their Inbox?”

Logix Volume Mail service can help you achieve this.Check out the incomparable features of Volume Mail service

The biggest challenge today facing the business environment is the “deliverability” of important emails right into the Inbox of your Customers and not in the Junk/Spam folder or like the rising case of missing emails. Email deliverability failure takes place when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder or blocked by an ISP and hence go missing. Let us find out WHY do we need this assurance of a “Guaranteed delivery to the customers Inbox”. According to an Email Intelligence Report, the average bulk email sender reaches the Inbox at a mailbox provider 75% of the time. The remaining 25% of emails are filtered or blocked by mailbox providers and filtering software due to a variety of factors including the sender’s IP reputation, email volume, email content, authentication, sender compliance, and the activity level of their email recipients.

And also, 22% of opt-in emails never make it to the Inbox.
Email deliverability failure takes place when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder or blocked by an ISP and hence go missing.

At Logix, we realise your emails are important to your business, so you need to know exactly :

  • How to maximize delivery to the inbox?
  • How to get the optimum ROI on the investment you make towards the Email Marketing solution?
  • How to track the progress of an Email campaign?
  • How to get each and every statistical report on the number of clicks, delivered mails, bounces, unsubscribe?
  • And the most important factor, how not to get your company’s IP blacklisted by carrying out the email marketing activity.

VolumeMail is our affordable bulk email solution, to take care of delivering Marketing emails or Transactional emails directly to the Customers Inbox subject to a valid genuine opt-in database.

VolumeMail has been developed taking into consideration the 3 most critical aspects and thus offer:

1. 100% guarantee Email delivery to the Inbox of your valid genuine database of Customers, giving you the expected ROI. This is possible as VolumeMail uses opportunistic TLS encryption.

2. Gain powerful insight into the performance of your email via the VolumeMail API and statistics dashboard . Track email requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, unsubscribe, category tracking and more in real-time.

3. Dedicated IP’s allotted exclusively for your VolumeMail activities thus reducing the risk of IP’s getting blacklisted and very low spam rates.

Thus VolumeMail is your Complete Transactional and Marketing Email Delivery Platform
Consolidate all your email delivery with VolumeMail to save money and eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors. Common email types supported include:

  • Trigger based email notifications and alerts
  • Purchase confirmations
  • Password reminders
  • Marketing email newsletters
Important Note: Volume mail service cannot be availed by bulk mail sender, who do not have a valid Opt-in List

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