Series 1 : Stay Safe and know all about Email Spoofing

Scenario:What happens when your Finance Team gets an Email from your CEO or CFO asking you to make an emergency wire transfer to a vendor?

Action Taken:

Immediately the payment is made without checking the CEO/CFO’s email address, domain name or from the CEO himself on a telephonic call.

The Result:

It was a spoofed email impersonating your CEO/CFO’s digital identity , you have fallen prey to Email Spoofing and been duped !!!

Sounds realistic, we read & hear about such cases day in and day out. Offer letters were emailed to people by HR Teams of big MNCs, big Banks got duped of several million dollars across the globe, big business houses have fallen prey asking employees to release payment after receiving spoofed email from their respective authorities.


Keeping such situations in mind, all of need to know certain insights related to Email Spoofing.:

  1. Email Spoofing frauds have affected public and private companies of all sizes. Companies with international business dealings are more likely to be targeted since transfers to overseas banks wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.
  2. Such frauds are being carried out through fake emails from senior executives of the company or spoofed/fake vendor emails.
  3. An increasing number of companies are falling victim to such Email Spoofing which has costed victims more than $1 billion in just the last 18 months.

How can Logix Infosecurity help you?

These are unavoidable situations hence taking proactive steps is the key.Implementing a strong Email Security service and purchasing controls can help protect the financial losses a company might undergo due to these frauds.

We offer our Cloud Email Security Advanced Threat Protection Services to companies who want to Stay Safe & Protection from all kind of email frauds.

Please feel free to reach out to us to know more about this service, email us at , you can also visit for more information or a Quote.