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Firewall Deployment and Management


For every corporate, designing the basic security framework for the network is very important. Identifying the right firewall / VPN solution to meet the expected security requirements, we provide independent design expertise and a number of different technology options. Our Firewall managed services range from entry-level firewalls through to highly available firewalls pairs that can be deployed in a multi-tiered configuration for business critical infrastructure.

All the solutions that we propose for the firewall requirements support a range of virtual private network (VPN) functionality including client, site-to-site and SSL.

We have highly skilled level of security experts who understand the customer expectations and position the right solution and provide the optimal performance for the network. The security experts are periodically enrolled in the security training programs to keep abreast with the latest threat and vulnerabilities.

The security experts are certified on the respective technologies that they propose and manage.

Basic Objective

For deployment of the firewall, the team starts with the basic objective of:

  • Protect the Branch & Site Office LAN from threats & Vulnerability from Internet through Firewall deployment.
  • Limit the unwanted traffic flowing on link connecting Branch / Site Office / Head Office.
  • Deployment of Gateway Antivirus functionality for traffic flowing to/from various network zone.
  • Deployment of Intrusion protection functionality for traffic flowing to/from various network zone.
  • Enable network security for distributed Servers.

Initial Review

The security expert will work with the team to establish the best and most practical installation design to suit the environment requirements.

This will include:

  • A review of the proposed detailed design architecture.
  • Propose possible enhancements to the design.

Firewall Policy Definition

Security expert will then help fine tune the policy to provide a secured application access. The team will also share their experience on the similar deployments and suggest the best practices.

Policy Tightening

Once a policy has been built and placed on the appropriate interfaces the team will then help to tighten the policy by defining exact ports require for communication and blocking the known vulnerable ports. Once a policy is at this level then the team will explain the violation and the risk to the site and if this is acceptable move the policy into enabled mode

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