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Radar-Vulnerability Assessment

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Get rid of Unpatched Vulnerabilities before they create Havoc!!

Business environment is changing fast ,every Organization generates enormous Digital Assets in a hyper connected environment & surprisingly they are stationed inside their own Network ,whether hosted in-house or on cloud . These assets are of utmost importance and need to be assessed regularly for updates & patches. Identifying & patching loopholes in Network Security is extremely crucial for Safeguarding any Business from Harmful Attacks.

In an ideal scenario, IT Security Managers should be constantly ready with the latest software updates, security patches so on & so forth, as even a single unpatched vulnerability can leave your business exposed to enormous loss. Continuous Vulnerability assessments need tools, software & skilled experts who have the required knowledge along with the financial resources & time. Many organizations do not proactively Scan for Vulnerabilities until disaster strikes and then they are bound to react. The possibility of an Organization’s computer system getting compromised is higher if they are not proactively scanned for Vulnerabilities from time to time.

Vulnerabilities in your system are omnipresent & Web applications are by far the most vulnerable part of your network hence the best response to cyber threats is to foresee them. In today’s dynamic IT Topology scenario, the first task is to discover various IT assets within the Network, Data Centre & Cloud.

To map your attack surface before somebody else does opt for Vulnerability Assessment by Logix, Powered by PCI & HIPAA compliant F-Secure’s Radar simply by filling up the Contact Us Form.

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  • One server with Public IP to be scanned*
  • Scan domains/ IP (web facing as well as on premise) / desktop and any desktop equivalents.
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