Importance of Desktop Laptop Backup

What happens when your CEO/CFO/CTO’s hard drive crashes with enormous confidential Organization’s data?

Several possibilities:

  • Chunks of confidential valuable data lost in one go of your Organization, since no backup was taken.
  • Hard drive restoration is expensive ,unnerving and not guaranteed

The cost of data that’s lost in the process is absolutely priceless , it contains, passwords, confidential financial data, company quotations, pricelists, business secrets etc.

Now, the big question arises, can we afford to lose such VALUABLE data?

However,the irony is most people discover the need for data backup software after they’ve lost all of their data. Whether you’re dealing with a virus or some kind of hardware malfunction, there is nothing more frustrating than losing your important files and images. If nothing else, this hard drive crash taught you to back up your files often

The critical task of backing up and protecting desktop and laptop data for large businesses is an expensive and challenging effort, one that requires constant alertness. These days, because of an increasingly mobile workforce, many desktops and laptops live outside of secure corporate networks which are part of the Mobile Workforce and include all your top management broadly.

Yet, most of a company’s critical files are stored on employee desktops and laptops, which are especially susceptible to risk, including hard drive failure, theft, or loss.Many businesses lack a comprehensive data backup protection policy for their desktops and laptops and other businesses do not back up their desktop and laptop data at all.

Further, some backup solutions disrupt user productivity, lack security and centralized management, and leave systems vulnerable to data loss.

In our next post we will focus on “What happens when your laptops & desktops are not backed up?”, Watch this space for more.