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Icewarp is the Complete e-mail server, collaboration and Document storage solution.We offer secure emails, scheduling, real-time collaboration, Audio/ Video Chat, Document storage and document editing, Microsoft Outlook integration, desktop tools including a personal desktop email client and an alternative office suite. Hosted On In-House Server or on Virtual Private Server in Logix Cloud.

Our Icewarp solution comprises of Cloud Email Security with Advance Threat Protection ,Icewarp Mail & Collaboration Server , On-line & Compliance Archiving

Logix IceWarp Cloud Pricing
Mailbox size Price per user per year in INR
2GB ₹ 400/-
5GB ₹ 800/-


Logix IceWarp Features

Mailbox Size – 2 GB & 5 GB Plan **

Description of Service Admin Management Features Details
Email Security Premium Multi-Layered, Multi tiered Antivirus, Antispam & Anti Malware
SPF/ DKIM Support all major spam control method of SPF/ Domain Key Signature (DKIM)
DMARC Supports DMARC email validation security system
Advanced Threat Protection Advance Malware Scanning with Sandbox, Forged Email Detection ( Display Name Spoofing), Embedded Malicious URL Scanning, Cousin Domain Spoofing, Business Email compromise (BEC), Zero Hour Protection, Opportunistic TLS, Potential Dangerous Attachment
Spam Notification Alert Enable Spam Notify for User/s, so as to receive spam digest emails
White List/ Black List domains/ Emails WL- Mail from listed domain name will reach user even if it is stamped as Spam
BL – Mail from listed domain name will be quarantined even if it is not a spam mail
General Features Password Policy Password is set to maximum 8 characters in length (Password complexity should include 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase character, 1 special character & 1 numeric)
Max Mail Size Allowed 25 MB Send/ Receive set to 25 MB including attachment
No. of mails per user per hour 499 Rate limit set to 499 per user / hour. An alert is sent to Logix Admin & the account is blocked if it reaches above the limit set.
No. of recipients per mail 99 User is allowed to send mail to 99 recipients including TO, CC, & BCC from email client, Web Client & from Hand held device.
Accounts & Groups User Add/ Delete/ Modify Admin will be able to Add, Delete & Modify (email, first name, last name) account details.
Profile Photo Upload Admin can upload user’s profile photo, mass upload not possible.
Vacation Responder for Users Admin can set vacation responder for user & user can set set his Out of Office by himself
Account Information Change Admin can update user’s account information DOB, Gender, Dept, Company, Mobile, Address, etc
Account Status Admin can change the account status to, Enabled – User sends & receives email, Disabled (Login) – user cannot login, but messages are accepted, Disabled (Login, receive) – user cannot login, messages are rejected
Spam Digest Emails A digest mail which list all mail headers which user was supposed to receive but have got quarantined as they are identified as Spam Mail
Force Password change on first login Admin can force password change on their first login
Email Alias/Forwarding Admin can set Alias & Forwarding on their email account
Distribution List Creation Admin can create Distribution List
Member Add for DL Admin can add the members in the DL
Authorized Sender for DL External or Internal Sender ID can be made as Authorized Sender for a DL
Mail Moderation Domain Admin can create a mail moderation group which is administer by a moderator. Once the moderator approves the email, only then members of the group receives the email.
DL Mass Add Member Domain Admin has a facility to mass add the members to the DL
Service Access Control Webmail Restriction Domain Admin can restrict webmail service for a specific user/s
SMTP Block Domain Admin can block SMTP service for user/s
IM/ Audio/ Video Block Domain Admin can restrict the use of IM/ Audio/ Video usage
Web Meeting Restriction Domain Admin can restrict use of Web Meeting.
ActiveSync Block Domain Admin can restrict user not to configure his mailbox on Smart Phone
Policies Smart Attach – per domain Domain admin can set a Smart Attach Policy for both incoming/ Outgoing emails. If the policy is set to for. Eg 1 MB, any mails above 1 MB will be sent or received using a HTML link
Allowed domains Support Ticket to be raised Ticket has to be raised to Logix Admin for this Request
Local only Support Ticket to be raised Ticket has to be raised to Logix Admin for this Request
Set Message size restriction Domain Admin can set In & Out message size restriction
Hard wipe / Soft wipe Mobile device Domain Admin can Hard/ Soft Wipe mobile in case it lost or stolen
Monitor User/s Emails Copy all emails (In/ Out) of User A & User B to User C
Domain Signature Domain level signature is set to all outgoing emails.
Reports Quota Report Support Ticket to be raised Reports section can be exported by Logix Admin only, request to be raised through support ticket which will be exported once in a month
Statistics Report Support Ticket to be raised
Mail Tracking Support Ticket to be raised
Send/ Receive report (Day/ Week/ Month wise) Support Ticket to be raised
Chat History Support Ticket to be raised
ATP Report Displays total count of Spam, Virus, Malware, Spoofed & VOF that has been blocked by the Email Security Gateway.
Add-On Features Compliance Email Archiving All mails sent/ received for a user can be archived & discovered by the user or administrator but cannot be deleted
ActiveSync It is for the purpose of synchronizing of emails, calendars, contacts on user Hand held device.

** Mailbox Quota – Optimal performance can be achieved only if default quota is maintained, any change in quota can result in degradation of performance

Mail Server
  • SMTP/ESMTP support
  • IMAPv4 – PUSH via IDLE support
  • IMAP ACL, public folders implemented
  • SASL authentication framework
  • Active Directory / LDAP support
  • Automatic Message Archiving
  • Smart Attachment handling
  • IMAP/POP3 Migration Tool
  • List server
  • Remote accounts
  • System, user, domain-based rules & filters
  • ETRN and ATRN support
  • Header/Footer customization
  • IDN support
  • Multi Tenant Architecture
  • Advanced configuration
  • Pool management
  • CalDAV Support (OSX Calendar app native and alternative clients support)
  • CardDAV support (OSX Address Book app native and alternative clients support)
  • File Sharing (GroupDAV and WebDAV)
  • Calendar Scheduling (iMIP)
  • Web folders (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Private and Public sharing
  • Access List Management (ACL)
  • Global Address List (GAL) compatible with Active Directory / LDAP
  • Documents Management System (Locking files and Versioning)
  • SyncML and SMS PUSH support
  • Online preview of documents
Online Conferencing
  • WebRTC Audio conferencing
  • WebRTC Screensharing (only in Chrome)
  • WebRTC client available in any browser (IE 10+ and Safari need a plugin)
  • Jitter buffer for multiplexing audio streams
  • Up to 25 call participants
  • Up to 15 parallel calls
  • SIP SIMPLE group chat
  • Audio recording to Server Files folder
  • Mute/unmute/invite/dismiss attendees features
  • Organizers, moderators, external participants
  • WebIM integration
  • iMIP meeting scheduling
  • Application Selection
  • Switch to Full Screen
Instant Messaging
  • Jabber & XMPP
  • SOCKS File Transfer Proxy
  • SASL Authentication Framework
  • Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, SMS, Service Monitor and other public gateways
  • Archive and history
  • Presence logging
  • Auto domain/group generated rosters
VoIP/SIP Server
  • SIP Proxy, SIP Gateways
  • NAT Traversal
  • Call Forwarding, Pickup, Redial
  • Hunt Groups, Circular Hunting
  • E164 – telephone mapping
  • NAPTR and SRV
  • DTMF Signaling
  • SIP SIMPLE Messaging
  • Echo Service
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) builder
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voice Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing (using any SW client or HW that supports it)
  • WebRTC one-on-one video calls
Exchange ActiveSync
  • EAS version 2.5, 12.0, 12.1, 14.0, 14.1
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes
  • Subfolders, shared, public and archive folders
  • Folder management
  • AutoDiscover
  • Remote Wipe
  • DirectPush support
  • Global address List Lookup
  • Out-of-Office support
  • Flags Synchronization
  • Device Management (Security, Synchronization & Feature Control Policies)
  • iOS Secure Messaging
  • Windows 8 and 10 Mail/People/Calendar native support
  • Outlook 2013 native support (Outlook Sync recommended for advanced users)
  • Server Search integration
  • Security policies
  • ABQ (Allow/Block/Quarantine) Rules
  • Soft Wipe – Selective Remote Wipe
  • Web-based private and public chat
  • Stored in GroupWare database (SQLite not supported)
  • iMIP meeting scheduling in room’s member group
  • WebRTC audio conferencing and screen sharing
  • Guest access and member management
  • ACL rights for user access and moderation
  • SSL security and virus scanning of uploaded files
Cloud Email Security & ATP
  • Premium Anti-Spam
  • Premium Anti-Virus
  • Anti – Spoofing
  • Advance Malware Protection
  • Anti-Phising
  • Click-Time URL Filtering
  • Zero-Hour-Attack blocking
  • Logging Reporting
Value addition – Logix-IceWarp

What Value addition can Logix do in its Exclusive Logix-IceWarp Offering?

Comparison Features of Logix IceWarp Vs IceWarp-IceWarp

Solution/ Service Provided Logix – IceWarp IceWarp -IceWarp Inputs/ Remarks
Email Security 3 Layers (IronPort + F-secure + Proof Point) Kaspersky + Cyren (In-built with IceWarp) Logix Cloud Email Security scans & filters Spam, Viruses, Malware, Zero-Hour-Attacks & Spoof Mails with high level of Accuracy. Our Email Security layer is separated from the IceWarp layer hence in case there is an outage in the IceWarp/ Zimbra layer, still mails get held up at our gateway
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Supports SPF + DKIM + DMARC email validation technologies Supports only SPF & DKIM IceWarp lacks Advanced Threat Protection, they do not have Sand boxing, hence Advance Malware cannot be protected whereas we use Cisco AMP
DMARC is full supported by Logix Security Infrastructures. Without DMARC method of communication, there is a Risk to customer domain. IceWarp cannot guarantee you 100% spoof detection because they lack DMARC & DMARC is essential for spoof detection
Services offered On Logix Cloud Virtual Private Setup On Cloud IceWarp setup Logix Customer who are opting for DR are provisioned on Hyper Converged Infra which gives them Redundancy & High availability else they are put on the legacy system
Data Centers IDC 3 IDC co-located at TCL (4 Tier 3 IDC) 2 IDC at Reliance Logix Cloud Setup is hosted in 4 Tier III IDC in Mumbai, Pune & Two IDC in Bangalore; State of Art Cloud Infrastructure is built on the VMware platform with Dell & EMC as the Server / Storage partners respectively
Compliance based Archival Yes No
24 X 7 Support & Helpdesk Ticketing System Yes Limited Support Support extended only on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. No Helpdesk ticketing system in place
SOC 2 Compliant & ISO 9001:2015 certified Yes Not Compliant SOC 2 compliant gives the data security & availability which gives data assurance to the customer which IceWarp lacks

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