How to improve your Volume Mail Deliverability?


Most businesses are generally interested in opens, clicks and transactions when reviewing their campaign metrics, however it’s essential to review delivery. It could help to highlight any issues before they develop into a real problem, i.e, consistently low delivery rates, lower ROI.

A recent study by Return Path revealed that 77% of delivery problems were based on sender reputation. Apart from this, there are various factors that affect deliverability and this post will highlight some easy wins to improve your chances of reaching the Customers Inbox.

How to get it right always?

The ISP’s take many factors into account when evaluating if an email should be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox , like :

  • volume of recipients
  • spam characteristics
  • domain reputation etc

All said and done , there are some easy wins that can be implemented in order to improve deliverability:

Safe senders

It’s recommended to encourage recipients to add your email address to their safe senders list to make sure your emails are delivered into the inbox rather than landing in Spam.

Provide an easily seen unsubscribe link

It’s recommended that a prominent unsubscribe option is available in the header and footer of the email to make it easier for a recipient to unsubscribe and avoid clicking on the spam button instead.

Avoid use IP addresses for links

It’s not recommended to use an IP address in hyperlinks. This is uncommon but we there are senders using instead of inserting a hyperlink, this will cause Outlook to disable the link and label the email as spam.


If a new domain or subdomain is being used to communicate with subscribers it’s recommended to run a change of “from sender” address so subscribers can add the new address to safe senders. It’s also recommended to initially send low volumes until the domain name is trusted by ISP’s.

Reported spam

It is recommended to review the types of subscribers reporting you as spam as if they’re new subscribers, their expectations of your communications may be misaligned. A double opt in process may help to avoid this.


Do check if you’re blacklisted when delivery rates are extremely poor.

Remove inactive subscribers

Send an email to people who have not interacted with your communications in the last year asking them to confirm they still want to receive your emails.

Email Inbox

It’s recommended to add a reply forwarding address so that subscribers wishing to reply can do so easily. It’s recommended to have a dedicated employee reading these replies as it may highlight areas for improvement; especially if this may prevent unsubscribes or prevent a subscriber clicking spam.

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