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Symantec Cloud Email Security

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Most of the Organizations face potential communication, operational and intellectual property disruption from email-borne threats, such as viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware, and phishing every day. These everyday interruptions if not controlled can cause significant costs and losses to the Organization.

Let us understand the need a cloud based Email Security service:

  • Typically, more than 89% of email volume is spam and nearly one in 284 emails today contains malware.
  • Email threats have evolved, going beyond viruses and spam alone and some attacks are so targeted that they never appear on the antivirus industry radar and are not properly identified or stopped by standard signature-based scanners.

How does it work?

  • The Symantec Email service helps organizations combat these threats through advanced perimeter defenses and proprietary SkepticTM technologies. Operating at the Internet level with automatic and continuous updates, Symantec Email delivers protection against both known and unknown threats.
  • Traffic management slows down bad traffic at the TCP/IP layer, while connection management uses heuristics to block unwanted email at the connection layer and prevents attacks at the user layer. In addition, threat intelligence from our Web and Instant services allow us to detect and protect against converged threats that span multiple protocols. The result is regained bandwidth, increased threat protection and a cleaner connection.

Symantec Cloud email security service has self-learning capabilities and Symantec intelligence to deliver highly effective and accurate email security. Encryption and data loss prevention help you control sensitive data..

At Logix, customers can choose between the following offerings according to their business needs:

  • Symantec Cloud Email Protect
  • Symantec Cloud email Safeguard

Symantec Cloud Email Protect

Symantec cloud email protect is a service rendered through Symantec Cloud which provides 99% spam filtering and 100% protection against Viruses, Trojan, Malware & Spyware.

Email filtering service will ensure that your businesses increases without any fear of getting corrupted or being attacked by spam mails. Logix as a Symantec service provider partner helps customers to implement this cloud based solution and further manage it.

Symantec Cloud email Safeguard

It is very essential for businesses to monitor the content entering and leaving their networks as it can result in data loss / theft. In such situation Symantec Cloud Email Safeguard provides you the finest way for email content monitoring and control.

In a business enterprise, Users demand internet access for business needs; however are you concerned of unscrupulous use of YouTube, Skype, Facebook, social Networking Sites, etc which drain user’s productive time.
Logix as a Symantec service provider partner helps customers with policy making on data loss prevention through email. Email Safeguard can enforce granular control on email communication, Policies such as Attachment size/type restriction per user or group or domain. Email restriction management like filtering emails with specific word or phrase found in email.

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