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Indeed email brings innumerable benefits to an Organization by being the easiest way of Communication within and outside an Organization, carrying your most important & valuable information all over. At the same time, it becomes most important to secure the Emails as if the email security is compromised the consequences can be well imagined as disastrous.

At Logix, when an client approaches us who has faced with the dire consequences of an Email Borne attack we try and analyze how the attack has happened and what precautions we can take in order to prevent it in future.

The main reasons why Our Customers needed email & spam protection and filtering which resulted in them opting for our Email Security solution were:

  • Redundancy – When your Internet is down, we at Logix do now let your important emails bounce. With Cloud Email Security mails get spooled at Logix setup and are made available to you.
  • False Positivity – Anyone can put a different domain name and send spam/malicious mails from there in normal setup but at Logix, the false positivity ratio is very less.
  • Recipient check – At Logix setup, when a mail is sent it is properly checked whether the recipient exists or not. We do not follow the “catch all” principle, rather we thoroughly check for the recipients email address and the domain name to prevent spamming.
  • Reputation check – We check the reputation of the sender’s IP as well as a proactive measure towards prevention of Spam and other email bourne attacks

The above concerns were addressed in our solution and we also combine advanced email antivirus, anti spam, and content filtering capabilities to offer easy managing solution.

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