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Email Archival

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The need for email archiving is growing as today’s organizations are more frequently asked to keep, and deliver on demand, access to the comprehensive library of all sent and received email messages. Organizations have realised simply backing up and storing email is not enough, they also need to know that it is held securely in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements while being available when necessary.

Now let’s realise why Organizations are moving towards Cloud for their storage needs.

• The challenges faced by Organizations who opt for on premise Archival Solutions are many rigorous growth in email traffic and message sizes means that storage needs don’t track user count.

• At times several changes in compliance regulations and company acquisitions can cause overnight changes in storage requirements, pushing the already overcrowded server rooms and data centers to the limit. Due to these situations there is a continued pressure on the return on investment from limited resources and budgets and hence organizations are increasingly looking towards the cloud for solutions.

Cloud based Email Archiving solution should address three main challenges of email usage, without the associated complications of managing and maintaining an archiving system in house:

• Storage
• Legal Regulatory compliance
• Internal policy management

The Cloud based Email Archival solution commits to provide your data back to you in an industry standard format, without worrying on the retrieval options in the future

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