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Our Vision

To be the first choice for the customer’s IT needs with complete customer-centricity.

Who are we

We are a leading SOC 2 & ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Technology Service Provider with a PAN India presence, providing solutions to over 1800 Enterprise Customers. Having been a pioneer in the cloud services for over a decade, we have our private cloud infrastructure hosted in Three Tier 3 IDC setups, one in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore each.

What We do

We have developed our Core Competencies in Provisioning & Configuration, Migration, Handholding, Support & Post-Sales Support of all the Products & Services of our Partner & OEMs. Our Development Team has expertise in Developing Document Sharing System ( DMS ) on Sharepoint & the very in-demand latest offering of Microsoft Power BI.

Our Core Strength

We are a Support centric Organization, providing 24*7 Support to all our valuable Customers on phone, email or through our Online Ticketing site. Our top agenda at Logix has always been providing dedicated and unmatched Support to all our Customers round the clock.

Logix Blog


Business e-mail compromise (BEC), the new service which has takers!

For as low as $150 you can get the credentials for an email account. Hackers in some advert claim the work to be done in 1-7 days with proof. Thats how cheap and easy it has become to get business email compromised. There is significant growth in what is increasingly getting popular as Whaling or CEO fraud, and not only it amounts to espionage, sometimes BEC scammers fool accounting and finance departments to remit considerable amount of money into their accounts posing as genuine suppliers and...Read More →

Increasing Phishing attacks in India

Phishing is on the rise in the country. India is among the top 4 countries in the world for Phishing attacks and not only that it also one of the top holding countries for such attacks. In the recent years with the venturing of sophisticated methodology to morph individuals using social engineering, phishing attacks have been notoriously dangerous in the recent times. Phishing accounts to fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information via email. It can be done by duping the receiver and...Read More →

Latest DNS Spoofing attacks use fragmented datagrams. Can you avoid it?

With a little attention, as it turns out, one can spoof fake DNS responses using fragmented datagrams.How is it done?To match authentic DNS responses to their corresponding queries, resolvers and operating system check: Name of the query Type of the query Source/destination address Destination port (16 bits) DNS transaction ID (16 bits)The first three items can be predictable, the last two arent supposed to be. To spoof in a false response, it would mean to guess 32 bits of random. To do so,...Read More →

Prevent the Fileless Attacks for your Windows PC

What is a Fileless or non-malware attackA non-malware attack is one in which an attacker uses existing software, allowed applications and authorized protocols to carry out malicious activities. Non-malware attacks are capable of gaining control of computers without downloading any malicious files, hence the name. Non-malware attacks are also referred to as fileless, memory-based or living-off-the-land attacks. There are always some ways to get footprints of the attack however, the nature of...Read More →

India witnessed over 4.36 lakh cyberattacks in the first half of 2018

India ranks 21st in the global tally with 6,95,396 attacks hackers across various countries. However, India took the 13th spot in terms of hackers initiating attacks with 73,482 such incidents. Globally, the UK was the biggest source country with a total of 97,680,746 attacks this year, while the US was the top destination country with 1,10,10,212 attacks.F-Secure said the insights are based on data from "honeypots". The company said it has deployed more than 41 such "honeypots" across the...Read More →

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