DR in The Cloud

Why do we need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters can happen wherever you are, putting at risk the entire existence of your business from its records, customer base to your stock. In the absence of a disaster recovery planning, your business can unfortunately undergo irreparable damage.Disaster recovery ensures that your business recovers in record time when negative elements hit your business.

Many organizations today do not have adequate disaster recovery (DR) protection for their mission critical applications. In most cases, disaster recovery is perceived as too expensive, complex and unreliable.

How can we minimize the loss and recover ?

Disaster recovery is like an insurance to protect your mission critical IT assets when a disaster strikes.The emergence of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has made thinking about disaster a whole lot less scary for an increasing number of organizations.


Cloud storage also provides numerous advantages to your business. Apart from helping your business save on infrastructure security, cloud storage is safer, provides more and better control as well as less data destruction risks.

The best disaster recovery should provide great protection, with minimum hassle, at the lowest possible cost