The Social Web or The New Social Wave!!! – Part 2

The new social collaboration tools provide both a powerful accelerator for social adoption and the backdrop for relief from email fatigue. Enterprise social collaboration helps engage and inform a workforce, increasing productivity and fostering a more inclusive work culture

31.07 part2 social toolsThere are some key guidelines to follow when considering the right enterprise social/collaboration platform for your business:

  1. Match it to your business goals/objectives

Consider your organization’s overall goals and how more effective collaboration can assist the company in achieving them.

Think about how better collaboration and communication will improve customer relationships, knowledge sharing, product development and project management.

  1. Know what’s not working now

Determine your current barriers to communication. Do brainstorming:

  • Is your company’s shared knowledge trapped in e-mail ?
  • Do critical documents get buried in inboxes?
  • Are workers unable to identify peers with expertise that would help in other parts of the company?
  1. Choose wisely

Select the technology based on your current barriers/gaps in communication, and not on the specific features.

  1. Don’t replace at first.

Identify which communication and collaboration tools currently work for your employees. You probably don’t need or want to throw out everything you’re already using.

  1. Think about integration

User satisfaction tends to much higher when enterprise social software creates a fabric across existing platforms as opposed to being a standalone platform that doesn’t add value to the systems workers are already using.

An ideal social collaboration tool helps employees share expertise, ideas, and information in a centralized and secure workspace around your files, projects, and other content.

Implementing your enterprise social network requires more than just a technology deployment .So, Set a roll out date. Build anticipation. Train people in advance. Get them excited. Make sure company leaders are involved and setting the example. It might help to start with a few divisions within the company at first, but to truly create a social enterprise, you’ll want to add it companywide.