The Social Web or The New Social Wave!!! – Part 1

Many Organizations began to feel the impact of several new technology innovations combined with key cultural shifts, ove the past several years. The Social Enterprise or the Social Web has dramatic impact on how people communicate and build online relationships.

The evolution of smartphones and tablets has created a society of “always on,” hyperconnected individuals. Employees are forcing a change in the enterprise by bringing their own tools to work( BYOD) and by substituting consumer tools for corporate-approved software and hardware because the tools provided don’t meet their expectations and needs. A new category of enterprise software grew out of the consumer social Web to help companies meet the shifting expectations of employees, partners, and customers and to answer the challenges created by a tough economic climate.


Organizations are turning to these enterprise social tools for a variety of uses, including customer communities and employee collaboration.

Companies are implementing social enterprise solutions for many reasons, but the greatest motivations are communication related. Let’s find out the others.

  • Acquire knowledge/ask questions
  • Generate ideas for products and services from community
  • Increase productivity, Make decisions
  • Manage projects Communicate with partners/suppliers
  • Gather feedback on company’s product or service
  • Communicate with customers
  • Listen and monitor conversation/activities
  • Create awareness about company’s product or service
  • Share knowledge/contribute ideas Communicate with colleagues


The social Web is changing the way we communicate, and communication is a key component of collaboration. Incorporating social features into enterprise tools can open up a wide range of opportunities for businesses to improve not only communication and collaboration but also productivity.


Our next issue will focus on the New Social Collaboration tools, so watch this space for more next week.