How to choose your anti-spam solution

More and more IT administrators are not sure what to look for and how to choose an anti-spam solution that is robust while diminishing the overhead work that is generated by their users. “Should they choose a hosted email security and spam filtering service or an on premises email security solution?” With the increase of spam and phishing messages, a reliable trustworthy solution is a must.

While there are multiple anti-spam products in the market that can protect employees from email spam and since many solutions have content filters that have almost the same catch rate, IT administrators are looking to find a an email security solution that meets their specific needs according to a variety of factors.

















Let us look at each of them in  details:

  • Email content filter that’s easy to install

An administrator’s time is extremely valuable .The ideal product for an Admin is one where they can RUN the exe file, fill in one or two fields and ready to use.

  • Anti-spam software that requires little management

An ideal product in this case would be a product that can delegate a few tasks to the users themselves, as long as they don’t harm their work station or the entire organization i.e.: VIRUS

  • Scalability of the anti spam software

One of the worst things an administrator would want is a product that is very limited and one that would require a tremendous effort to accommodate corporate changes that are being applied. Scalability is important to guarantee 3-5 years of peace of mind.

  • Effectiveness at stopping email spam

Testing out the product during a Trial run is the only way to find out if the product is effective. Since approximately 68% of our daily mail is spam, you’ll definitely have conclusive results after just a few days.

  • Superior Quality of an anti-spam solution

You may reach a point where you may have to pay more than planned to have a product that offers superior quality.

  • Email filtering software that comes with 24 / 7 support

You should not only test the product but also the support prior to purchasing a product.


All of these points are important to help you pick the best product in the market. IT admins who know value and want the best, trust Logix to protect their Exchange Server from Spam. Write to us on for more information.