Detect Data Security Breaches Before It’s Too Late

As the saying goes, “Hope is not a strategy.” When it comes to security, we all know that prevention is the only key. Therefore, in this case it becomes obvious that detection and response plans are critical elements in any organization’s infrastructure.

data breachBusinesses today, must develop an intelligent plan in advance to detect and handle breaches if they want to prevent widespread data loss and a damaged brand reputations. It is true; some breaches are more obvious than others. Yet most organizations won’t know they’re breached until it’s too late.

Many intrusions are discovered first by external vendors.
ISPs and threat-monitoring intelligence groups often will notice communication involving malicious IPs and domains with bad reputations, while end users — employees and customers — might encounter odd system performance or strange activityEven in cases where an organization does detect their own breach, the hacker has usually had time to explore the network, locate and penetrate relevant systems and collect data. Time is of the essence when it comes to compromised data, which is just another reason that discovery and recovery are so vital.

Why is it so tough to detect a breach promptly?

  • One reason is that attackers are versatile, using multiple forms and methods to invade systems and cover their tracks with minimal noise. The Verizon report shows that amongst their profiled breaches, 52 percent used some form of hacking, 76 percent of network intrusions involved stolen credentials, 40 percent used malware, 35 percent involved physical attacks and 29 percent leveraged social tactics, while 13 percent resulted from misused privileges.

Businesses can and should adopt best practices to prepare and protect themselves. By instituting alerting mechanisms that indicate an incident has occurred, companies can position themselves to discover and contain breaches before the damage is irreparable.

In our next segment we will focus on ways to Stop these security Breaches, watch this space for more next week.

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