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Benefits of Cloud Backup

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The benefits are:
Backup data reduced at the client and globally; reduces network bandwidth for backup by up to 99%; reduces cumulative backup storage by up to 95%; reduces daily full backup times by up to 90%.
Data is compressed and encrypted in-flight. Encryption at-rest is optional. Eliminates reliance and risk for off-site tape for DR.
Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) grid architecture for high availability across nodes.
Avamar server integrity and backup data recoverability verified daily.
Simplifies remote office backup by leveraging data center expertise; Single pane of glass to manage the enterprise.
Recovers data (full or file-level) immediately; No need to stage full backup and daily incrementals.
Harness the power of the industry’s leading backup and recovery software products in flexible licensing suite.
Easier than ever to manage Avamar environments from a single pane of glass in the palm of your hand.

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