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Desktop & Laptop Backup

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“What happens when you are suddenly faced with a hard drive crash of one of the key employee of your Organization,who has enormous VALUABLE data in his laptop?”

We keep hearing such instances of hard disk crashes which result to a huge amount of confidential data loss and this happens in almost every Organization because they do not have a Disaster Recovery plan in place for employees sitting within the Organization working on their respective Desktop/Laptops and most importantly for their Mobile Workforce.

According to a study, enterprises (organizations employing more than 250 people) have lost a total of $1.7 trillion in the past year due to downtime and data loss. While the overall number of data loss incidents has decreased, the volume of lost data has increased by 400% over the last two years.

Let us look at some of the conventional and less secure methods generally used for taking D/L Backups:

  • Network share: Users manually copy data to a network drive for integration with server based backups, this approach is unreliable and difficult to enforce.
  • Traditional backup: Standard backup software requires recurring backups at specific times, which may disrupt user productivity, or systems may be offline.
  • Online backup services: Limited network bandwidth can make this very slow, and enterprise standards and centralized management are out of the IT staff’s control.
  • Removable media: CDs, DVDs, external drives, and memory sticks rely on users to complete the backup process, can lack security, and put data outside of IT control.

Traditional solutions are inefficient because they repeatedly backup everything duplicate files and sub- file data segments that exist across desktops, laptops, thus the quantity of duplicate data is astounding.

To overcome such challenges and to make the work of the IT Department a lot easier, we introduce Logix Cloud Desktop/Laptop Backup service, powered by the industry leading EMC AVAMAR deduplication Backup software as a alternative for your regular backups of Desktop/Laptop computers. The best part is that Logix D/L service works even at lower internet bandwidth with ample retention time.

“EMC has been positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software”
Why should you opt for LOGIX Desktop/Laptop Backup?
  • Logix D/L Backup is easy to use, making it ideal for desktop and laptop users as well as your IT organization.
  • Daily full backups can occur automatically when a user logs in during normal backup windows, or users can initiate their own backups on demand, full backups occur very quickly.
  • Logix D/L Backup also enables end users to quickly recover their own data anywhere, anytime.
  • Logix D/L Backup sends new, unique sub file data segments. This enables daily full backups, even across slow or congested IP networks.
  • An intuitive interface provides backup history and the integrated search engine enables users to locate files quickly unlike traditional methods, Logix D/L Backup delivers fast, daily full backups in a fraction of the time. By Deduplicating backup data at the client before it is transferred across the network
How does Logix D/L benefit the IT Department
  • Customer can define file formats that they would want to Backup, Logix will do the needful from Backend. (ex: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt ie all office document extensions & other file extension as per customer preference )
  • Which Index total computer and fetch the defined files into cloud.
  • Customizations as per the files or as per the folders are also possible.
  • Recovery time period for iteration the files may be upto 30 /90 / 180 days.
  • Option to take DLO only for the power users in the organization.
  • Works even on lower internet speed consumes even less data, the first time for full backup it takes a little time.
  • Plans are available in 10GB, 25GB, 50GB and 100GB space at reasonable and affordable pricing.

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