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Zimbra Collaboration Server is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration server. With the most innovative web application available today, Zimbra boosts the productivity of users on any desktop and dramatically reduces TCO compared to legacy platform vendors.

Other key advantages include advanced compatibility with existing desktop email clients, over-the-air sync to smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) as well as better server scalability and more efficient administration

Email & Collaboration needs of users in any business enterprise defer , Power users access their Mail from various devices and need full synchronization of Mail , Contacts , Calendar etc , General Users mostly use Mail & Address Book functions.

Zimbra offers 4 Editions, Appropriate edition can be awarded to user based on his/her funtion usage.

Logix with its Cloud Zimbra solution has much more to offer, these features and functions are not native to Zimbra Collaboration Server.

  • Control Panel
  • Comparison
  • Mail Control Feature
  • Pricing
  • Dashboard : Have bird’s eye view of your domains hosted on Cloud Zimbra Platform
  • User Management : Bulk Addition / Deletion of User , User Group , Setting Password , Setting Vacation Response
  • User Detail : Display User and Manage User Details, Hiding User from GAL, Email Archiving, Management of Resource mailbox, Group / Distribution List Management, White List / Black List of Domains, Log Search, Spam Quarantine Management
  • Reports : Admin activity log , Disk Quota Usage , Password Change , Activity Report , No: of sessions , Mailbox Utilization Report , Statistical Report.
Cloud Zimbra Editions Mail Basic Collaboration Advance Collaboration MsOutlook Sync Active Sync Optional Features
Instant Messaging Email Archiving
Business Email Plus
Business Email
  • Set Mail Restrictions : Restrict Users/Groups to send/receive mails only from certain specified External domains
    Ex. User A allowed to send/receive only from local & email ids.
  • Email Size Restriction : Set User/Group wise mail size restriction to send/receive mails Ex. User an allowed to send 2 mb while User B allowed to send only 3 mb of email size.
  • Attachment Type Restriction : Set User/Group wise attachment extension restriction to send/receive Blocking goes with the exact match of extension, renamed files will not be blocked mails.
  • Footers : Append HTML footers to your organization's Emails
  • Mail Monitoring : Mails sent/received by specific User/Group, copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID. Ex. Sent/Received mails of User a & User B, copy of mails will be monitored by Admin ID.
  • Restrict Usage of BCC : Restrict User/Group from sending mail with BCC recipient marked in the mail.
  • Wiretap Content : Specified words or phrases found in mail, action of redirecting or copy of the mail can be re-directed to monitoring ID.
Cloud Zimbra Editions Price User Per Month (RS) Optional Features
1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB Instant Messaging Email Archiving
Professional 120 130 140 150 10 60
Standard 100 110 120 130 10 60
Business Email Plus 60 70 80 90 10 60
Business Email 48 60 65 75 10 60
Customer’s voice
Zimbra scores over other email solutions in terms of rich feature availability, ease of use, robust solution design and presence on cloud at a competitive price...
Vipin Kumar
Group CIO - Escorts Ltd