Cloud Hosting Benefits for Mission Critical Sites and Applications

Cloud services are quickly becoming gaining popularity and Cloud Hosting is no exception. Cloud Hosting works across a network of (interconnected) servers that compose the cloud. As a result, the data is rendered from various servers. There is typically little to no downtime with Cloud hosting—which means there will always be a server available to handle users’ needs.

Cloud Hosting instantly scales based on resource usage. Additionally, flexibility is almost infinite. As resources are distributed across various devices, resources are continuously available, and therefore easily expandable/flexible. Cloud Hosting is typically preferred by enterprise-level businesses as it allots for greater flexibility

05.09Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Benefits – Freedom, Power, Scalability, Reliability

ü  Gives you the freedom and power to construct the optimal set of computing resources to meet your unique needs. Resources can be scaled vertically or horizontally (load balancing) to meet demand.

ü  The Cloud hosting service should employ technology for high speed shared data storage and server management as a pool of computing power. This approach allows for a much higher degree of up-time and performance than the conventional single server computing paradigm.

The bottom line benefits to you are these: rapid deployment of computing resources, high performance, and service reliability.

Logix Cloud technology means speed, performance, and reliability. These are the cloud hosting advantages our Enterprise users receive.

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