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Who are we

We are a leading Technology Service Provider with a PAN India presence, providing solutions to over 1500 Enterprise Customers. Having been a pioneer in the cloud services for over a decade, we have our private cloud infrastructure hosted in Three Tier 3 IDC setups, one in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore each.

What We do

We specialize in Enterprise Messaging & Collaboration, Network & Cloud Security, High Availability Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Enterprise Business users with the Cloud or On-premise Setup’s.

Our Core Strength

We are a Support centric Organization, providing 24*7 Support to all our valuable Customers on phone, email or through our Online Ticketing site. Our top agenda at Logix has always been providing dedicated and unmatched Support to all our Customers round the clock.

News & Announcements


Xafecopy Trojan widespread in Android mobile devices

A new mobile malware Xafecopy Trojan has been detected in India, Kaspersky said in a report. It steals money from victims mobile phones via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing payment method. Victims mobile currency is used without his knowledge.Around 40 % audience of this malware has been detected in India. Xafecopy Trojan is disguised as useful apps like BatteryMaster and operates as a normal app but secretly loads malicious code onto the device. Once the app is run, the Xafecopy...Read More →

711 million e-mails snared in largest spam-bot

A Paris-based security researcher, going by the pseudonymous handle Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands. The server stores dozens of text files containing a huge batch of email addresses, passwords, and email servers frequently used to send spam.This nefarious act is actually very smart move by the cyber criminals. The credentials are crucial for the spammer's large-scale malware operation to bypass spam filters by sending email through legitimate...Read More →

Red Alert ! Bring Locky Ransomware turbulence under control before it causes havoc !

Indian government issued a warning about Locky ransomware attack on September 2, 2017. According to the researchers, this ransomware is mainly spreading via massive email spam campaigns circulating with the common subject lines like "please print", "documents", "photo", "Images", "scans" and "pictures" in an attempt to convince victims into infecting themselves with Locky ransomware. However the subject texts may change in targeted spear phishing campaigns. Reports indicate that over 23 Million...Read More →

Why SMBs are the best target for latest cyber attacks?

Small and medium scale businesses (SMBs) of all streaks are at higher risk to latest cyber attacks compared to large business enterprises. All types of small businesses (teaching institutions, ecommerce shops, hotels or retailers) have become the favourite target of cyber thieves in the past couple of years. Cyber criminals find it easier to hack small businesses- having lower to no security, compared to large companies, which are secured by top end firewalls. A report states that 43 percent of...Read More →

How to be safe when cloud has become a new home of cyber criminals

Cloud computing is the technology which is slowly sweeping the way organizations interact with technology and store information. With organizations even cyber criminals are getting active on cloud with even more sophisticated tools to hack into corporate networks. Given the situation how can you be sure the information you store on the cloud is safe? The short answer is you can't. However, you can take some protective measures.We trust the cloud more and more. Now even our documents from the...Read More →

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