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Who are we

We are a leading Technology Service Provider with a PAN India presence, providing solutions to over 1500 Enterprise Customers. Having been a pioneer in the cloud services for over a decade, we have our private cloud infrastructure hosted in Three Tier 3 IDC setups, one in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore each.

What We do

We specialize in Enterprise Messaging & Collaboration, Network & Cloud Security, High Availability Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Enterprise Business users with the Cloud or On-premise Setup’s.

Our Core Strength

We are a Support centric Organization, providing 24*7 Support to all our valuable Customers on phone, email or through our Online Ticketing site. Our top agenda at Logix has always been providing dedicated and unmatched Support to all our Customers round the clock.

Logix Blog


Locky Ransomware- Why this malware just won’t perish? Ykcol and Asasin- 2 more variants

Within less than a month, 2 new version of Locky ransomware have been released. YKCOL, locky spelled backwards and ASASIN extension. It came to light in a spam blast to 3 million mail-boxes on 19th September within 3 hours. ASASIN another variant has appeared on 10th October.The ykcol ransomware follows the same convention as a previous Lukitus version of the Locky, it has multiple Game of Thrones references when it is holds the victim. The ykcol variant tries to lure users to click-open the...Read More β†’

Email security with Office 365!

Business communication is synonymous to e-mails. A lot of sensitive and crucial information gets transferred via the medium all the time and compromising e-mails can mean disastrous in various ways. We often here about the breached causing havoc, like the recent Equifax breach or the Jio data leak or the discovery of a server based out of Amsterdam containing huge personal sensitive information.What companies should seek- Data privacy and security- the most important aspect for a company can be...Read More β†’

Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Things you need to be aware of

Since 2003, October every year is recognized as the cyber security awareness month. It is a good measure to spread awareness via following simple themes every week of October- Week-1: Easy steps for online safety - Users of connected devices must know the basics of online safety. Consumer cyber security concerns should be addressed by providing simple to-do steps to stay safe as well as to-do if you are a victim.For a fact, about 169Mn data got leaked in 2015 via different mediums. Week-2:...Read More β†’

ANUBI Ransomware, new danger ready to strike!

ANUBI is another malicious code making rounds, infecting machines. Not much is known about the attack tactics used by the underworld to spread the ransomware as of now. It is more like a ransomware into the wild, maybe its building up the attack and testing waters before it strikes. It was first detected by a security researcher from Malwarebytes.Its a ransomware and like any other malicious code, encrypts the files on the infected machine with .anubi extension. When encrypting files it will...Read More β†’

India Inc desperately needs to upgrade its cyber security- know why?

There has been a massive push from the government to digitize the payment, use Aadhar number with more transaction, job ids, banks, phone numbers, stock trading accounts. The government of India is making UID a universal Id for all the transaction a person does and this means a lot of sensitive, personal information will be digitized and stored for usage. With more connected world with smartphones and smart devices the security needs a massive upgrade in India.Given the direction we are heading...Read More β†’

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