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Who are we

We are a leading Technology Service Provider with a PAN India presence, providing solutions to over 1500 Enterprise Customers. Having been a pioneer in the cloud services for over a decade, we have our private cloud infrastructure hosted in Three Tier 3 IDC setups, one in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore each.

What We do

We specialize in Enterprise Messaging & Collaboration, Network & Cloud Security, High Availability Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Enterprise Business users with the Cloud or On-premise Setup’s.

Our Core Strength

We are a Support centric Organization, providing 24*7 Support to all our valuable Customers on phone, email or through our Online Ticketing site. Our top agenda at Logix has always been providing dedicated and unmatched Support to all our Customers round the clock.

News & Announcements


5 reasons why organization needs Data Loss Prevention or DLP Solution?

Your organization will have at least some sensitive data to protect from thieves and hackers. In this technology world, such data thefts are becoming more and more common and data is being misused daily, be it in a minor way or causing a huge loss of profits to your organization.Lets run down some major reasons why your organization must invest in a good Data Loss Prevention or DLP solution: Your data is at risk!Data breach is growing with the growing technologies. There are 3 variable data in...Read More →

Increased popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in consumer & Enterprise in 2017

We generally think Microsoft dominated the enterprise apps segment only.But we forget that even our personal life revolves around Microsoft products like .xls or .doc. In a lot of ways, Office seems irreplaceable from our digital cultureeven as other buzzy services like Slack or DropBox or Trello are gaining traction.Microsoft is more popular with larger organisations and has more than an 80% share of companies using cloud email with revenue above $10bn according to Gartner reportMicrosoft...Read More →

Is a free email solution right for your company?

When you are a startup or starting a new business, cash becomes the real challenge that point of time. Any free services can really be a life saver to help get things moving forward.One of the critical parts in any startup or enterprise is the communications. And no one can ignore the importance of email isthe entire communication cycle.Here are the 6 reasons of consideration:Is a free email solution right for your company? SecurityCybersecurityespecially ransomware, email phishing and email...Read More →

5 Common Security mistakes that is putting your privacy at risks in 2017

How secure is your data? Ask yourself this question before it is too late to make amends. In order to protect the sensitive data of your company, it is very much essential to get rid of common security mistakes.Here are 5 common security mistakes that happen throughout the globe putting your privacy at risk. Neglecting these points will increase chances for hackers to hack into your system and harm your privacy. Not Updating your Anti-MalwareHaving good Anti-Malware software plays a key role in...Read More →

How can a company choose a good data loss prevention system solution

Companies look for data loss prevention system solutions to prevent costly data security breaches. There are several things to be taken into account when choosing a good DLP system solution such as what type of data needs to be protected, incident handling process of the company, what the infrastructure requirements are, where the data to be protected is located and how the data needs to be protected.Companies often miss to pay enough attention to the requirements of the product and get burned...Read More →

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